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Your New Office Alternative

Corporations around the globe have been forced to review working conditions for staff as COVID-19 provided a 2020 curve ball no one could have predicted.   Social distancing is becoming the new norm and people are looking to the online world for creative solutions to keep productivity alive.  However, not everyone has an appropriate space or services at home that is conducive to a productive work environment.  So, what other options are there for companies and individuals to consider?  Despite the impact COVID-19 is having on the economy, hotels will continue to operate and ready to welcome guests, providing the quiet, alternate working solution that some may be seeking when home offices or shared work spaces are not an option.

  • How would a hotel provide a working solution?
  • What is the right type of room?
  • What about fast Wi-Fi?
  • How will people set up a workspace?
  • What about hotel distractions?

These are all very valid questions and the answer lies in Apartment Hotels.

At Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments, we understand that connectivity has never been more important which is why unlimited download and unlimited device connection will ensure work efficiency. Current download speeds of 94.78 Mbps and upload speeds of 94.18 Mbps means a premium service for sending emails, hosting webinars, zoom conferencing and uploading videos in the social media space at the comfort of the desk/workstation in room.

It is a good problem to have when every room type you choose will be the right type for working.   All the rooms have desk/workstations and the convenience of complimentary premium Wi-Fi connection.  There is also the added benefit of having an in-room kitchen, where you can opt to make your own coffee/tea and supply your own meals, store in the fridge and heat in microwave just as you would in the office kitchen or at home.

Hotel distractions in some ways are not too dissimilar to daily home distractions.  There is the impulse of turning on the TV or the desire to take a cat nap when procrastination sets in.   There are however, tempting facilities many of us don’t have at home, but these things are allowed if the work gets done.  Taking breaks, just like you would do in the office environment is equally important when working remotely.   It provides rejuvenation and a second wind to get through the remainder of the working day.

With a daily work plan in place and your new found home office alternative, we look forward to welcoming you and enjoy 'working in style'.



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