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Be Your Own CEO

There has never been a better time to take charge of your day and ‘BE YOUR OWN CEO’

With many of us asked to work from home or perhaps even hotels, let it be a time to shine.   Get yourself organised for what might be a few weeks of quality 'home officing'

Don’t let the change of environment concern you and instead view this as an opportunity. You might just surprise yourself with how productive you can be with reduced distraction and interruptions from your beloved colleagues (unless the kids are with you of course😊)

Manage your day with a daily task manager to keep you on track.   Don’t let the fact you can’t have face to face meetings get in the way of business.  We often say “could that meeting have been an email or phone call”, well now is the perfect time to put this to the test.   Take charge and keep business activity going.   Haven’t tried zoom conferencing or skype?  give it a go.  Take it upon yourself to use this as a learning opportunity.  You could be the new office expert.

Be innovative! What are some new ideas you can bring to the table within your job function that may assist the business, or create revenue streams?  Is there a smarter way of doing something?  Is there a new online function that could save time and money now and in the future? How can you continue to create value for your clients or your network during unprecedented times?

Most importantly; ensure you celebrate the wins, no matter how small.   Jump on that Skype call with your colleagues or network and share the good news.

Keep the morale high and you will come out of the other side roaring and ready to go.

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