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Do You Have A Rooftop Bar?

We occasionally get asked if we have a rooftop bar or rather why we don't have one. Don't get us wrong, the appeal of having a rooftop bar is great.   Sweeping views of Fortitude Valley, the fresh breeze, sunsets, Kokomo playing (one for the '80s) as the bartender performs their cocktail-making theatrics for you.  You may have to battle with the general public at the bar as they nudge in on your idyllic paid hotel staycation and after a while, you think to yourself I could have just gone to any old venue and had much the same experience.

The one thing we love about our hotel rooftop is that it is private and secure, so you must be a hotel guest to enjoy our oasis.   You still get sweeping views of Fortitude Valley, the fresh breeze, sunsets and even Kokomo playing should you have your portable speaker, but you won't have to worry about your purse strings breaking from bar prices or contending with the general public.   Instead, we allow you to be your own bartender just like you would in the comfort of your own home, with the bonus of a spectacular outlook and rooftop facilities.  Better still, you can even prepare your own little grazing board in our self-catering apartments to complement your drinks or use the BBQ's to cook a feast under the stars.

The hotel is located in a prime position, with James Street markets in strolling distance, artisan butchers for those looking to BBQ and plenty of retail to purchase your beverage of choice.

If after relaxing and enjoying your private rooftop you feel like kicking up your heels, well then you are in the right place and will be spoilt for bars in Fortitude Valley.



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