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Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments is celebrating World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day - 13th March 2020

Sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of every person’s overall health and well-being. Sleep is important because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day.  So what is World Sleep Day  all about?

World Sleep Day is an annual event sponsored by World Sleep Society to raise awareness of sleep disorders and highlight the burden that they place on society.  Some of the most common sleep disorders are snoring, insomnia, nightmares and sleep talking just to name a few.  Most sleep disorders are preventable or treatable, yet less than one-third of sufferers seek professional help. Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population.

Funnily enough one of most common reasons why people don't get enough sleep is because they take sleep for granted.    Many people don't realise the importance and believe it to be a waste of time. Other reasons can be shift work, jet lag, medical conditions, too much caffeine, alcohol and stress.  Despite all the reasons for lack of sleep there are some simple steps we can take to improve our sleeping habits.

The Sleep Foundation suggests:

  • Keep regular times for going to bed and getting up.
  • Relax for an hour before going to bed.
  • Avoid going to bed on a full or empty stomach.
  • If you are not asleep after 20 minutes in bed, go to another room until you feel tired again.
  • Many poor sleepers spend too long in bed.
  • Keep distracting things out of the bedroom. Time to put those mobile phones away.
  • Get some sunlight during the day. So often we get caught up in the 9-5 and don't even leave our desk for lunch.  Get away from the office and take a walk around the block. Not only are you getting some sunshine you are also gaining benefit from light exercise.
  • Most adults of all ages need 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • An evening nap can make it hard to sleep at night.

A better understanding of sleep conditions and more research into this area of medicine will help reduce the burden of sleep disorders on society. Discover important and surprising facts the World Sleep Society has unearthed through scientific studies.


We hope our hotel guests enjoy their sleep in thanks to a complimentary late check out. 

This is our way to help raise awareness of #worldsleepday



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