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Work In Style

It is important to separate work from home-life when working remotely.

The chances are if you are not wearing your corporate wardrobe, you will be wearing your comfy casuals or active wear.  The issue is that it creates no differentiation between work and home, which can be problematic for our well-being and productivity.

Try to have a designated outfit or style for working hours that is different to the rest of the time {1}.  Get dressed for success! While people may not be able to see you, people who dress well, have more confidence, feel more powerful and are more focused on details {2}. Wear a suit if that is what motivates you and is your usual office standard, after all you are still working, and a home office should not change your level of professionalism.

Set your office up for productivity and while you're there why not make it stylish.  Maybe you might like to gift yourself a new office plant, paint the walls a soothing colour, frame a photo that makes you smile or even have soft background music that can be brighten the mood.   What ever you choose to do, ensure the work space is clean, tidy and in an environment that is not cluttered.  Where possible, bring resources from the workplace home to help simulate the atmosphere you’re accustom too. If you don’t have an appropriate space to work in, then this is where an Apartment Hotel might be an alternate solution.

Main points to take-away:

  • Separate home-life from work-life
  • Dress for success
  • Have a designated outfit or style for working hours
  • Set your office up for productivity


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