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Live Like A Local

Why You Should Live Like A Local On Holiday

What does it even mean to 'live like a local', and no we are not talking about a holiday that includes household chores. We are referring to travellers immersing themselves in the true local culture and destination as if they lived there.   This also means less 'touristy' bucket list ventures and more self-guided and researched itineraries based on recommendations from friends, reviews, and bloggers.  For social media enthusiasts, you can even follow relevant hashtags for the location to see what's on offer.   Now that we have clarified what it means, here is why you should 'Live Like A Local'.

You can walk to the beat of your own drum.

It is about embracing independence and not being tied down by schedules.   The best place to start is with your accommodation.  You can't live like a local if you are going to stay in a  full-service hotel with all the frills.  It is wise to book an apartment hotel that will guarantee you a self-catering experience that feels like a home away from home.  You can unpack your bags, fill the fridge, and settle in to start your local adventure.  You are free to do what you want, when you want and how you want.

Make a local friend or two.

Have a chat to the local barista on your morning coffee pick up, or strike up a conversation with a person in the queue, it might just be that they have lived in the area for years and can guide you with true local recommendations and hidden gems.

It can save your back pocket.

Choosing to stay in an apartment hotel does wonders in stretching your holiday savings.  There is no minibar or 24-hour room service for that midnight snack attack.  You can keep costs down by buying groceries so you don't have to eat out for every meal and should you like a little drink, you can simply purchase from a local liquor store instead of paying the hotel bar prices.

Arranging a self-guided tour, by pounding the pavements (get those steps in), or making use of local transport, city cycles or scooters will certainly keep the dollars down and free you up to spend it on local experiences.

Your experience will be unique.

It won't be out of a travel brochure, it won't be a set itinerary, it will your own very own experience.   On your first day, spend some time wandering the streets, getting lost in the local area, making sure you weave in and out of laneways which are bound to provide some hidden gems.   Watch where the locals hang out to eat and avoid franchise or chain restaurants that you can dine in anywhere.  Look for homegrown culinary talent and one of a kind experiences.

Also, take the time to discover the local independent retailers, arts, and entertainment.   Where do the locals catch live music or performances? If you are going to buy a souvenir of sorts why not buy from a local business.  It will always have a story attached, provide sentimental value, and supports the local economy.

So when it is time to plan your next holiday, remember to check reviews, blogs and speak to friends who have been before to ensure you have a 'Live Like A Local' experience.


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