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What makes an Executive Apartment Different?

When travellers are viewing our room types they wonder what the difference is when booking an Executive Apartment.   It is a very good question, so we thought it deserved a little write-up of its own.

The first thing to note is there is a One Bedroom Executive and a Two Bedroom Executive which is self-explanatory with the number of bedrooms. The main difference in booking an Executive apartment is the value ads.   Everyone values services and amenities differently, which means an Executive apartment may or may not provide value to you.

If you are a lover of all things ghd, then you will enjoy the convenience of not having to pack your own.   Hello ghd hairdryer and straightener.  It is such a lifesaver when you don't have to pack bulky items that weigh your bag down.   It could make the difference between carrying on or checked-in luggage.

Getting ready for a night out on the town? Whilst having to iron your clothes when travelling is no fun, we certainly make it quick and easy for you.   The Executive rooms have the added bonus of a clothes garment steamer, but never fear, for those that would rather not use a steamer, there is still the traditional iron and ironing board.  You will also enjoy the LED make-up mirrors (nothing worse than bad lighting) and when you come home there are make-up remover wipes?  How handy is it to have those on a night's getaway so you don't have to pack your own?

For those wanting to make the most of their hotel stay and relax in-room, you will enjoy Platinum Foxtel.   Relax on the lounge and watch endless hours of guilt-free TV if you choose.  You can also order in from our partner restaurants and cafes, because who doesn't love snacking when watching TV.

While mobile phones are the modern-day essential, you still have the option to use the in-room phone free of charge up to $20AUD daily for Australian land and mobile calls.  It is nice to have options.

Having a balcony is certainly nice to have when booking accommodation.  This is guaranteed in our One Bedroom Executive room type.  If you book a Two Bedroom Executive you are welcome to place a request.   The balcony gives you your own little private oasis to enjoy a glass of bubbles and watch the world go by.

So there you have it.  These are the main differences when booking an Executive style room.  Everyone deserves a little Executive treatment wouldn't you agree?



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