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Hotel At Home | Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments
Hotel At Home  | Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments
Hotel At Home | Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments
Hotel At Home | Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments
Hotel At Home | Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments
Hotel At Home | Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments

Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel At Home.

While we are all dreaming of our next holiday, why not re-create a piece of hotel luxury in your own home, and the bedroom is a great place to start.

Buying an entire new bedroom suite is probably not the immediate answer nor the affordable choice.  It is however, time to say good-bye to the old and hello to the new, starting with your bed linen.  Nothing beats the feeling of  slipping into pristine, clean and crisp sheets! pending on your budget spoil yourself with a new set and for an extra touch of luxury you can even treat yourself to linen spray ensuring you will sleep soundly.

Have you tried the hotel secret of triple sheeting?  This involves layering a think blanket between two starched sheets with the third as the base sheet, creating a bed that feels crisp, clean and a luxurious look that is easy and affordable to achieve.   Using quality bed linen is key and ensure you tuck the corners nice and tight.  An added bonus of triple sheeting is not needing a duvet cover, making it much easier to launder.  If triple sheeting is not your style, then spoil yourself and update your duvet cover.   A hotel bed is not complete without a decorative pillow or throw blanket for a touch of luxury.

Highlight key aspects of your bedroom.   Do you have a beautiful window that lets in the morning or afternoon sunshine? Maybe an accent chair to curl up and read a good book?  You might already have a piece of furniture in the house that you can re-home into the bedroom.  Perhaps your walls need some love, so hit them with a coat of fresh paint to give new life.  Remember it is a bedroom, so think soft and calming colour palettes .  Create reason to enjoy the space for relaxation and not just for sleeping.

Hotels love to incorporate little touches creating uniqueness to the space, and these are things you can easily introduce into the bedroom that reflect your personality.    Maybe fresh flowers from your garden with a gentle scent, a night lamp with soft lighting for your side table, a statement candle, an oil reed diffuser  or a selection of magazines.  Whatever you choose; remember to keep it simple and stylish.

Now that you have some inspiration, we would love to see your #hotelathome creations and encourage you to share them with us via social media by tagging @alexperryhotelandapartments and using the hashtag #hotelathome.   We want to feature 5 finished creations on our website to help further inspire #hotelathome creators.  Photos will receive votes from our extended hotel family which is you, and the 5 that receive the most votes will be featured on this news page with their permission. Voting will conclude 5pm 19th May 2020.

Most of all this is about having fun creating your own #hotelathome whilst required to #stayathome

Enjoy! and we can't wait to see all the wonderful creations.


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