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Time to start planning your next domestic holiday to Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Wait! put the remote down.   Before you decide to binge another Netflix series, or wallow that you would rather be on holiday or anywhere but home, have you considered the silver linings?  What are we talking about? Time! Time is on your side and you have plenty of it to start planning your next adventure. If you are busting at the seams to escape, and know you wont be able to wait for international travel to resume, now is the time to stop thinking globally and act locally.

You may or may not be familiar with Fortitude Valley?  Those who have had the pleasure of staying with us you will know the area well.  Far from being out in the country side (don't let the name fool you), 'The Valley' as we locals like to affectionately call it, is the entertainment and lifestyle precinct located on the north east rim of the Brisbane CBD and is a hype of activity that won't leave you disappointed.   Gentrification has changed the landscape and left behind the rough and ready stigma it was branded with in years past.   The number of new restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs,  venues and retail that have opened is exciting for greater Brisbane and tourists alike.   We are fortunate that it is all a short stroll from our hotel door and our guests have much to enjoy and experience.

We all have different tastes and interests, but this is what makes 'The Valley' so great.  A fabulous website to visit is My Valley who are your go to for everything eat, shop and play in Fortitude Valley.  We have also provided a number of places to enjoy with some located in Newstead and Teneriffe (our next-door neighbours), all located within 100 m to 1 km from the hotel, however encourage you to explore as there is so much more.

But First Coffee...  

For The Lovers Of Beer, Open Space And Quality Pub Fare.  

There Is Something To Be Said About Live Music.


For All Things Wine, Cheers! 

Food Glorious Food 

A Beverage With A View


Enjoy planning and be at the ready to book when domestic travel resumes.




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