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Post Holiday Blues

Happy New Year!  No doubt you have eaten and drank your way through the last few weeks as we celebrated the end of a mammoth year full of twists and turns.   Perhaps you were even fortunate enough to get away from the family home and escape for a holiday.  We all love a holiday, but the return to the daily grind is never the highlight, and alas we have 'Post Holiday Blues'.  We are here to let you know it is never as bad as you think and we want to share some tips and tricks to turn that frown upside down.

Tip Number 1 - Make sure you have some days at home after your holiday before returning to the office.

We know the temptation is real to maximise all your days off by returning the day before you have to go back to work, but it does not provide you time to get back into a routine and ease your way into reality.    Try and give yourself time to unpack and do all the chores required so you are ready to rock n roll.

Tip Number 2 - Emails.  Stop! Don't look.

If you are someone that gets anxious and easily overwhelmed, don't look at your emails.  You are on holiday and people don't expect a reply until your return.   They have probably sourced the answer in your absence.    Make a plan on how you will tackle your emails on day one.   Start with the oldest and work through them one at a time, remembering to take a break.  Go easy on yourself for the first couple of days.

Tip Number 3  - New outfit or haircut

You would have already taken care of the summer glow and feeling relaxed, but nothing makes you feel a million bucks than a fresh haircut or a new office outfit to start the year right.   It may just make that first week a whole lot easier.   As they say 'dress for success'.

Tip Number 4 -  Holiday snaps

Who doesn't love taking photos while you're on holiday?  If it isn't on social media, did it even happen? :)  Stretch out on your lounge or even while your resting in bed and go through all your amazing pics of your holiday.  Before you return to the office, pick one or two to have printed for your desk.   It is always nice to have that friendly reminder that whisks you away in your thoughts, even if just for a moment.

Tip Number 5 - Colleague catch up

We are all human and it doesn't need to be all serious all the time.    Bonding with your co-workers is important to break the ice after being absent from the office.   Share some of your holiday highlights and ask them about theirs.  No doubt there will be some stories that will provide a laugh or two and help you relax and get back in the groove of the office environment again.

Tip Number 6 - Plan the next holiday while on holiday

There is certainly nothing wrong with planning your next getaway while on holiday.  It could even just be a simple weekend away. We think it is a brilliant idea that gives you something to look forward to and will help with your post-holiday blues.


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