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Midweek Break Benefits

Midweek Break Benefits

We probably don't need to twist your arm when it comes to taking a holiday, but what we do want is to highlight the reasons why you should consider a midweek break and its benefits.

Unless you're Batman, you aren't superhuman, and working day after day without time to rejuvenate can impact your physical and mental health.  We all need to shut the shop, switch off, and put our out of office on. Taking a break and having downtime is a great way to revitalise and find that spring in your step.

Many of us tend to forget that weekends and school holidays aren’t the only time you can take off.  Depending on what you want to get out of your break, there are other options available, like a midweek break. You don’t need to travel far, just a simple night or two away from the daily routine is just the refreshing break you need.

For those who find it difficult to disconnect from work can enjoy the benefits of a midweek break because the stress of leaving the office isn’t as prolonged. This also means you’re more likely to switch your phone off because you know it won’t be for too long.  Short mental breaks, like leaving your desk to eat lunch or exercising after work, are proven to increase productivity and focus. This works for short breaks too. Removing you from the pressures of daily life and your regular environment gives you separation and space to feel more refreshed on the return.

Short breaks are generally cheaper than longer holidays because you’re paying for fewer nights' accommodation. Short breaks also mean you probably won't travel as far, making flights cheaper, or even better if you drive to your destination you won’t pay for flights at all.

Some other benefits include......

  • Staggers your working week and then you still have the weekend to enjoy!
  • Smaller crowds.
  • Possibility of fewer people using hotel facilities.
  • Restaurants, venues, retail, tours may not be as busy.
  • Less luggage to pack.
  • Midweek discounts and offers.

If we have convinced you that a midweek break is a must-do, then you might like to take advantage of our Midweek Mini Break Promotion.  You will enjoy 3 nights for the price of 2.   All you have to do is pick a date.

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