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Corporate Community

Corporate Community

Welcome to our Corporate Community.

We recognise that corporate travel is a large expense.  When you are a small business, an individual traveler, or a company with limited travel needs, negotiating supplier deals without volume or frequency can be a challenge.  Acknowledging the loyalty of these clients we have created - Corporate Community.

How does the Corporate Community work?

The program is designed to reward the loyalty of our corporate clients collectively.    As room night targets are achieved by the community; by booking with a designated code, an incremental discount will be applied to benefit all small businesses using the program.

The targets will be reviewed each month and where targets are achieved the new discount will be applied.  Members of the Corporate Community will receive a monthly update with room nights booked and the current discount applied.  Please note that Company/Work email addresses must be used to use the Corporate Community offer (personal email addresses are autocanelled under this code).

The program will be reviewed, and discounts reset at the end of each calendar year.

What discount will be received?

The program commences each year with a 5% discount.

The discount is applied to our best flexible daily rate via our website.

    • 0-100 room nights:  5% off
    • 101-150 room nights: 6% off
    • 151-200 room nights: 7% off
    • 201-250 room nights: 8% off
    • 251-350 room nights: 10% off
    • 351-400 room nights: 11% off
    • 401-500 room nights: 12% off
    • 501 - 600 room nights: 13% off
    • 601 - 700 room nights: 14% off
    • 701 - 850 room nights: 15% off
    • 851 - 1000 room nights:16% off
    • 1001 - 1250 room nights 17% off
    • 1251 - 1500 room nights: 18% off
    • 1501 - 2000 room nights:  19% off
    • 2001 + room nights: 20% off for the remainder of the calendar year

What is included?

  • Unlimited complimentary WiFi
  • Complimentary local calls
  • Access to discounted car parking - $15AUD daily.  2.1m Height limit in the garage under the hotel.
  • Flexible 24-hour cancellation policy on standard flexible rates.  (Non-refundable rate plans cancellation period applies, however, Corporate Community discount is available on these rate plans also where available)
  • No booking fees.
  • Housekeeping service every 3rd weekday during the stay.  Daily service on weekdays is available to book at charge and can be confirmed with the guest services team 24 hours in advance.
    Reduced Contact stays are our specialty and for those actively tracking their environmental footprint while traveling for work,  reduced laundering/chemicals/reduced water and energy consumption and the transit  of these items is an efficient way to reduce your trip impact

Who is eligible for the program?

  • Small and medium-sized businesses that travel with less than 500 room nights per year.
  • Businesses/Associations/Individuals that DO NOT book via a nominated corporate travel agent.
  • Individuals who are the sole traveler for a business.



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