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Branches Lifestyle

Branches Lifestyle Support - NDIS

Branches Lifestyle Support was established in 2003 offering SUPPORTED INDEPENDENT LIVING  (SIL) services to adults with an intellectual and or physical disability in the Brisbane area.  At the time of inception branches supported 1 adult in supported accommodation. Fast forward to 2020 and Branches now support 17 clients.

Branches assist people to live in their own homes, sometimes by themselves, but often sharing a house with one or two others. The support is based around doing whatever an individual needs to help them independently move through their daily life. Branches encourage people to do as much as they can for themselves, and adapt assistance according to their capabilities.  As a grassroots community based  start up, there are two directors, Shane Bruun and Wendy O’Brien.   Both had little cash, however big dreams to support their clients with respect and assistance to live independently.

It has been a long journey, starting with home offices set up with a server and using  spare space for storage. One of their dreams is to have a support hub, which can also house the office.  Branches would like have a hub set up in the local Redlands/ Bayside community which would include a coffee club, cooking classes, literacy classes and a community garden, for their clients to socialise and connect along with a sensory room and a couple of bedrooms set up for emergency respite if needed.

In 2018 Branches were the grateful recipients of a Gala Ball fundraiser giving them a start of $53K.  Currently they are working on a Recycle program (cash for containers scheme) and with donations they have raised $70K.  The aim is to raise $120K as a deposit and then Branches shall start hub-hunting.  They are well on their way and hope that 2020 is a year of success.

Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments supports Branches clients with welcoming arms each week, boosting their self- esteem by providing the opportunity of collecting and sorting the recycling containers and bagging for redemption and helping to boost their savings towards the Hub deposit goal.

If you would like to learn more about Branches Lifestyle Support, please visit the Branches website and to donate to make a difference click HERE


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