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Bakery Lane

A Trip Down Bakery Lane

Opening in early 2015, and taking inspiration from history, Bakery lane was named after the bakery that opened in 1865 and operated for over 40 years from the heritage building, Bragg’s Bakery, on Ann Street.

Charles Bragg started his bakery in 1865 after purchasing the land in 1861. The original bakery was in a wooden building at the rear of the existing building and was run by Charles’ son, Joseph and his wife Kate.  Joseph was listed in a Pugh Almanac’s advertisement (1866) as a fancy bread and biscuit baker.

In 1883 Joseph died, leaving his widow to continue the business. In the boom time of the 1880s, Kate had the current two-story building constructed in 1885. The architect was George W. Campbell-Wilson who went on to design the Brunswick Hotel.

By 1888 the energetic Kate Bragg and five of her employees baked up to 700 loaves a day. A rare achievement for a woman of this period, Kate became a Master Baker and carried on the successful bakery and catering business from the Ann Street premises until the turn of the 20th century.

Paying tribute to our Queensland heritage, the lane’s design translates the traditional architecture and materials of the Queenslander home to a commercial urban context. The original timber cladding on the façade was rescued from old Queenslanders destined for demolition.

When in Bakery Lane, you are standing amidst a historic group of 19th-century buildings which are among the oldest intact commercial buildings in Brisbane.  These days it is home to boutique design incubator studios and a mixture of retail businesses including restaurants, cafes and bars.

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Source: Brisbane City Council 


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